instantly addictive

iPhone 5 wallpaper

-by yours truly


what’s your amount of my amount?


bonsai, simply, elegantly

i-Qi Timer

all begins with simple things

i-Qi Clock

how do you do time


behold the universe of PopClip

The Chap Magazine

Are you eccentric enough to be Chap?


it’s all about the right filters

Civilization V: Stuttering Fix


iTunes 11

an exciting experience

Super Hexagon

Arcade extraordinaire


Smart and magically enchanting.


Clear should be a part of your life no matter who you are

Comic Book Lover

manage, read, enjoy the rarity of true ownership

how to mute the start-up chime of your Mac

in three steps


one password for all passwords

Solar 2

“What other game lets you be an evolving space body ending up creating a new universe?” For people with a keen interest in the Universe can Solar 2 offer rather invaluable experience. Being… Continue reading


Reminders helps you get organised, Things get you organised


splicing a genetic material has never been so mind soothing


the biggest strength of this app is that it actually does what it says

Astronaut Spacewalk

the ultimate outer-space simulator

Mists of Pandaria – Mac Performance Guide

Blizzard is probably the only big company that does not simply port their games to the Mac, but develops them for OS X natively and releases them along the PC version. Starcraft 2,… Continue reading

A Long Way Home

simple, yet deeply poetical


this space opera is an absolute gem in its genre


immensely atmospherical experience Crow is a game done right. Visuals, soundtrack were made to fit the theme on all levels. Thanks to that, flying through out the game as Crow collecting levitating trinkets… Continue reading

Living Earth

Weather changes. The density differences in Troposphere influenced by sunlight, clouds, temperature or moisture makes this an ongoing process. Because of that the weather on most places on Earth almost always changes. What… Continue reading